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Host A Fundraiser

Donate Tricky Tray and Silent Auction Items

Want to help raise funds for the next Developing Faces mission?

You can help raise funds by donating products or experiences for the tricky trays and silent auction at the next Developing Faces Fundraiser.

What is a Tricky Tray?

A tricky tray fundraiser is also known as a penny auction. A tricky tray is a basket filled with products, or a certificate towards an experience. Our event organizers gather multiple baskets and experiences before the fundraiser and arrange them on a  table where the cocktail hour will be held. Each basket has its own designated ticket basket. Attendees can buy raffle tickets and enter to win the basket by dropping a ticket into the ticket basket.  People can buy as many tickets as they wish and enter as many times as they want to on the baskets they like. At the end of the event, one winning ticket is picked from each bag. The person that has the winning ticket stub gets to keep the tricky tray.

What is a Silent Auction?

A silent auction is an auction where bids are entered onto a sheet next to the item. Items that are designed to the silent auction instead of tricky trays are typically high value items. These items include experiences or travel tickets that are provided at a reduced cost to the charity and only sold if a bid is entered that is higher than the starting bid.

How Does Donating Tricky Trays and Silent Auction Items Help Raise Money for Developing Faces?

At each Developing Faces fundraiser, attendees are able to purchase tickets for the tricky trays. Having a popular variety of valuable products and fun experiences for all ages makes everyone want to participate and buy more raffle tickets.

What does the money raised go towards?

All the money raised from the tricky tray and silent auction go towards providing surgical care to children and babies with facial abnormalities. None of the Developing Faces’s officers or event organizers get paid, meaning 100% of the funds go towards the next mission. The funds are used to cover surgical supplies, medications for patients and hospital costs.

What Kind of Products do We Accept for Tricky Trays and the Silent Auction?

Baskets need to have a total value of over $100.00. All items need to be new with tags and in original packaging. No food products that expire within 2 weeks of the next charity fundraiser or products that need to be refrigerated will be accepted.

Great Tricky Tray and Silent Auction Ideas:

The goal is to create a variety of products that will appeal to people that attend the event. Items that most attendees like are: designer handbags, jewelry, couple massages at a local spa, crystal vases, concert tickets and designer coffee books. Theme basket examples that work really well are: A Day at the Beach (with sunhat, towel, sandals, sunglasses, beach bag and sunscreen) Chocolate Lover (with a variety of chocolates) Children’s Library (a basket filled with children books) Children’s Playground (filled with fun educational toys) Bath and Beauty (with name brand bath oils, soaps, scrubs, masks and makeup).

Want to Donate?

Send or drop off your basket at our New York or New Jersey offices.

New York Address:

Developing Faces Inc.
200 West 57th Street Suite 508 New York NY 10019

New Jersey Address:

Developing Faces Inc.
125 Prospect Avenue Suite 1D Hackensack NJ 07417

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